When I heard of this game I thought: "Wow, a hitman game with a new setting!". Boy, was I wrong...

User Rating: 4.5 | Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition PC
I have discovered that some reviewers of t his game can not have played it for longer than a couple of hours.
Cause after playing it for just over three hours, I discovered that there is nothing really more to do or discover in this game.
There is only one thing great in this game, and that is the graphics. I enjoyed more just watching the graphic than really playing it.
Lets start with all the bad things: The fighting in this game is really boring and too easy. I could easily take down 100 of soldiers at the same place without any trouble (went to an outpost with lots of soldiers). And after watching the same combos over and over again you really get tired of it. And it is too easy; you just hold down defense button and Altair can defend himself 360 degrees. You just have to be patient and wait for the moment to strike and you should be safe.
The other thing that annoyed me was after killing these 100 soldiers in the outpost, was when I went out of the map area (loading screen) and went back to the outpost, all the soldiers was back in their original position and alive! After spending all that time killing them! Such a waste.
When I heard of this game I thought: "Wow, a hitman game with a twist!". Boy, I was wrong: You can not choose where and when to kill your main target! You have to complete several boring missions before you can do so and when you are finished doing them, you get some info where the guy you must kill is, and all you have to do is to go there, kill him and escape. And it is as easy as I just explained it. I mean: Where is the challenge? It is like following an arrow all the time that says: Go there, go here, do that. You don't really have to think.
I was hoping for a more puzzle game like Hitman, where you had to find out where your target is, how he looks, his patterns, the guards pattern. A way to get to him, and finally kill him. All this does not excist in Assassins Creed.
Climbing in this game was very cool at first, until you discover that Altair really do it all for you. All you have to do is holding down a button and he climbs flawlessly all over. I think I never once fell down. So again: No challenge.
And the big world to explore: There is nothing in it! Just flags to collect, no extra missions or other characters to meet. An empty shallow world. All the missions are in the cities and the missions are all alike. And the A.I is very stupid too; Too easy to kill, trick and manipulate.
Sadly the devolpers was very good at hyping this game and trick people into thinking that this was a game with very rich content. And I must say after the first hour I thought I had the coolest game in my hands....
...Boy, was I wrong.....so F*****WRONG!!!!