Revelations may not change the formula, but it's still an enjoyable experience.

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
-Constantinople is fun to explore and full of interesting things to do and see
-Multiplayer is addicting and more refined this time around
-Main Story is interesting and has good variety
-Lot's of different side quests
-Desmond segments are a interesting and provide a nice new change of pace

-Tower Defense is awkward and lacks finesse
-Combat is still too easy
-Game engine is starting to show it's age

Assassin's Creed Revelations marks the final chapter in Ezio's journey, and while this time around things may not have changed very much, it's still a very enjoyable experience that no Assasssin's Creed fan should miss.

The game begins with Desmond going into a coma and getting stuck inside the Animus machine. It is within his coma where he meets Subject 16 and learns that he is stuck inside the root of the Animus it's self, and the only way to escape his coma is to fulfill the trail of Ezio and Altair. The world of the Animus is a small island and it doesn't offer very much to do, there are a few "portals" that allow you to play Desmond's memories, these play in a first person view and are puzzle games. At first this will seem weird in an Assassin's Creed game, but it actually provides a nice change of pace and the puzzles themselves are fairly easy and provide you a good opportunity to learn more about Desmond. However these segments are entirely optional, so there is no pressure to complete them if you choose not to. The island also has a larger portal, this takes you to the main bulk of the game and where you will go to start your journey.

In Revelations you will play the majority of the game as Ezio, there are some small segments where you get to play as Altair, but these are not very long. This time Ezio is an older man and has taken a journey to Constantinopil, during the rise of the Ottoman Empire, in search of five "keys" that will unlock a large door in Masyaf in order to reveal more about the Creed and Altair. The world of Constantinopil is quite large and full of things to do and see, there are no horses this time around but this is an ok design choice as you can easily get around the many districts with ease, mainly thanks to your new hook blade that allows you scale walls quicker and zoom down zip lines.

Revelations is a decent looking game as far as graphics go, partly in thanks to good art direction. However you can certainly tell that this game engine is starting to show it's age, textures will pop up on occasion and the character models do not compete with other games on the market, and while the graphics may be decent, they will never "wow" you or make you drop your jaw.

Not much has changed from the past two Assassin's creed installments, you can still own and invest in businesses, buy and repair weapons and armor, pick pocket pedestrians, and still be able to send your fellow Assassin's out on missions around the world and level them up to call into combat when you need them. There are a couple of new features like bomb crafting and the hook blade, but overall it is the same Assassin's Creed you have grown accustomed to. The combat has, unfortunately, not changed either. And while it may be flashy, it still lacks challenge and depth.

The main story of Revelations is of decent length, however it also offers many side missions for you to complete, so you are getting a pretty big package all things considered. These missions have a decent amount of variety as well, so there is more than enough to keep you busy for a while. However there is an odd new feature that has been implemented in Revelations; Tower Defense. It feels as out of place as it sounds, much like Brotherhood when you go to capture a district you kill the commander of that area and light the tower, however this time after doing that you now have to defend the tower in a very strange and awkward mini game. This get's repetitive and it will make you sick after a while, it sucks the fun out of capturing districts.

Outside of the story mode their is the multiplayer that is returning from Brotherhood, and I am happy to say that it is much more refined! The basics are the same, players play a very deadly game of hide and seek while trying to blend in with their surroundings and stalk their targets, however Revelations makes it more improved and balanced this time, making it an all around much more enjoyable experience. Brotherhood's multiplayer was good, but Revelation has finessed it.

Despite the few gripes, I still had enjoyable time with Revelations. It is an overall well done game and you should definitely pick it up if your an Assassin's Creed fan.

Assassin's Creed Revelations get's an 8/10