Love this game, love the series, best one by far.

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
I love this game. I forget if Brotherhood did this but Assassin's have their own weapon style. Love the new masks you give them. The whole den concept is fun and new. At first it kinda stinks but once you get your assassin's at the master rank then its nothing but easy money. I like how you unlock weapons and armor from doing missions.
The hookblade is fun to use and does save some time, plus the execution animations are so much bloodier.

Only issues i have with this game is....I hate the health bar and the squire they give you. I prefer the Brotherhood.
Kinda hate how there are no posters but then again you don't gain wantiness from pickpocketing nor do I think guards care how red you are with it. just avoid the full square.
Another thing that bugs me, wish they did more with assassins. There are about 3 faces for both sex and just different hair colors, not many color options either for their outfits. Wish they did more with this.

but those are all small things. the story is fun, the fighting is better than ever. Guards are harder. Spear guys you can't counter unless you disarm. their new elites are hell to fight. Its not easy or simple.