Assassin's Creed: Revelations

User Rating: 8.5 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
Two years ago we met Ezio Auditore da Firenze. A young man who gradually developed into an increasingly real Assassins. Last year we played with Ezio in middle age and now we play with an almost old Ezio is. Best before he retired can he still hold an important job, which is seeking the five keys that provide access to the library of Altair, the legend of the first part.

Masyaf was the home of the Assassins in the first part and here is the valuable library of Altair to find. Now the library find no problem, but do get access to them. The door is not using every conceivable material, so it is necessary to find keys. Both Ezio and the Templars are looking for the keys, resulting in a significant infighting at. For where Ezio must do it by himself, the Templars have a lot of men at their disposal. Fortunately, Ezio just a bit easier than the average inhabitant of the city doing to you, so it is possible for all to a successful conclusion.

The game begins in Masyaf where you are short but the game ends. Yet you do not spend too much time, because soon you will leave for Constantinople (Istanbul), where Nico Polo remaining keys on behalf of Altair hid. This is obviously looking for a needle in a haystack, but the friendly bookseller, Sofia, Ezio will help decipher the various directions. Once all five keys found, you will have access to the library of Ezio and Altair is the story in a nutshell. How this unfolds further and answer all the questions you will get Yours to discover. It is in any case a lot.

This game also stands out because of the previous sections can not only play with Ezio and Desmond. You also get the opportunity to play Altair. All this goes through each other, but in the end you feel worthy of saying goodbye to Altaïr and a nice ending to have reached with Ezio. In between, you get more and more about Desmond's past, because all over Istanbul are called "Data Fragments'. Such as Ezio can gather and if you have enough, you can play memories of Desmond, but in a different way than usual.

Desmond is set after the events in Brotherhood of the Animus. This makes it landed on an island, where several portals are. The largest escorted him to the role of Ezio and the other portals allow you to Desmond in the past to dive, if you have enough 'Data Fragments' it. The interesting thing about these levels is that this play from a first person perspective and you're mainly to the puzzle. This puzzling, particularly the way, made us very reminiscent of Portal 2. It's certainly a nice change and you will therefore learn a lot about Desmond.

Another great part of the game is that if you are one of the five keys have found, you go back in time and play with Altair. A total of five times when you do this and you see him from very young to very old, and while you get an accompanying story and you get to know what exactly hugely important role played Altair. We can say that it all sounds pretty complex, but it is a strong variety in gameplay and everyone's story is as fascinating, which ensures that you always want to keep playing. Ultimately the game is therefore a worthy farewell for both Altair and Ezio, but you get some new questions at the end, which leaves the door open for a sequel.

That the story plays an important role is obvious, but let's look at the gameplay. Constantinople is the home in this game and in size it is pretty big city, so if you are renovating and refurbishing buildings enjoyed in Brotherhood, then you will here a lot of time to stabbing. Furthermore, we see familiar elements as lookouts and back sections are scattered throughout the city controlled by the Knights Templar. This area subject to the power of the Assassins you the commander of the particular post off. Then climb up the tower and plug it into the fire to drive away Templars.

This is just a bit more extensive than the Borgia towers from the previous section, because if the Templars attack, then you obviously have to defend your towers. This defense goes in a totally different way than before, namely through a type of strategic minigame. Here you have several units on the roof pitches, building and repairing barricades where necessary. Meanwhile, a number of waves of enemies to turn then to take on a more robust structure, like a battering ram. It is in itself good idea, but in our opinion does not really fit within the franchise. After two times we had seen it again and when our towers were attacked, we had little use for them again to defend.

Now it's a matter of innovate or you just do not like. For us that they had better not to leave. This is addressed to a lesser extent with other additives, such as the ability to make bombs. Now you can create a wide variety of bombs, all have their own handy feature and use it in your struggle. It is possible for a variety of enemies with a well-placed bomb, but we caught on that we may hardly used in practice. The many enemies we took mostly in the classical way.

That does not mean it's a bad addition, because it sticks well together and if you do not forget the bombs could just be that your jobs easier while playing. Speaking about jobs, we must say that the game in the first instance what is slow. You get all the standard things, such as starting your own guild in Istanbul, and so help people. Ezio is an accomplished Assassins, so a good question would be why he is here on earth is doing while the time is limited and he is a much more important purpose.

Of course the establishment of a guild and sending out your Assassins a convenient way to make them and leveling them to assist you in hectic battles, but it is also very little new under the Sun The main criticism in this game is that the real innovation is minimal and what the story is slow. Gradually, the story really interesting, but the innovation is still not in sight. Thus the strategic mini-game is not really interesting to play ten times, the possibility of using bombs is very cool, but we caught us on this too much to use, which is also what does.

But there are points to be found in the game we just find extremely strong. This is how the fight just a little better than before and this is due to the new possibilities that exist with the new hook blade. This knife can perform several moves during the fight, which previously were not possible and this will play out in much finer fighting. This lets you hook blade now also able to climb higher than usual and this hook blade you get early on in the beginning, what is so good. Another advantage is that if you fall from great height you normally clogs, but you are going to hook blade used to be stuck halfway.

The hook blade is an excellent valbreker and that was of no use when you fall, you can always call your parachute. Also in this section the more frequently you jump wrong and that is because the game does not always do what you want. In this way Ubisoft solve it very easily and effectively, because the frustration we had been considerably reduced in this part. We must not forget that the whole city all tense ziplines, Ezio along the hook blade from the beginning to the end to slide. The result is that you faster than ever to move through the city.

Besides Constantinople will also repeatedly Masyaf calls and we even go further in another (impressive underground) city. One by one the cities look great and especially Constantinople exudes an atmosphere where you say against you. It has a totally different vibe as Rome, which is due to the way the city is built, and of course totally different costumes in Constantinople to find. The game looks visually therefore fine, but expect little graphical enhancements over Brotherhood. The same goes for the audio, which is the same high level that we already knew.

Brotherhood was a strong part of Revelations, and Ubisoft has all the strong elements taken and used as a basis from here forward. We see this in the gameplay back, but that's not all. In multiplayer, we see that again, because the multiplayer offers more than Brotherhood, but is also not a huge step forward. There are some new modes to find the balance has improved and what is especially interesting to play. We encourage anyone who focuses mainly on the single player to also take a look in the multiplayer. Not only because of the design just slightly better compared to the previous section, but also because along the way also from the multiplayer is a lot to learn about Abstergo.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations is a gem of a game that Brotherhood has clearly used as a basis. The game will really fascinate terms of story and it's a beautiful ending for Ezio and Altair. It is true that the innovations are not all equally well be clearly revealed. Yet you will fully enjoy this game, despite the slow start, but will you love to take the multiplayer sticks just a bit more together than before and thus we conclude that Assassin's Creed: Revelations a great new entry in the franchise was.


- Story.
- Hook Blade.
- Multiplayer.
- Constantinople's cool.
- First-person gameplay.
- Playing with Desmond
- Altair and Ezio.


- Not all innovation is good the paint.
- No new side missions.
- No large graphic steps.