Assassins Creed Revelations. Is it what we were waiting for?

User Rating: 8.5 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
Assassins Creed revelations is one of the games that you are expecting many improvements from it and the game gives them to you in a certain level.Revelations keeps the promises for differences and right from the start you see many changes both in appearance and in mechanics.The story isn't as good as the previous games but it has some pretty good emotional points that keeps you interested.The characters have a good voice acting and they are believable.The only bad thing about the characters is that it has again Ezio as the main character which is a lack of creativity for Ubisoft.The most amazing thing about Revelations is the outstanding detail of the city.The city feels so alive and the sights are amazing filled with great detail that you just love to sit and watch at the horizon.Although the graphics engine that it started to show its age.The assassins requirement mechanic has been improve nad it is more sensible to sent your assassins in missions to take control of cities.The new thing that all were waiting for though is the hookblade.The hookblade makes the exploration around the city more exciting while improving the combat.One of the useless new features in Revelations is the Den defense.Although it is more realistic to capture and lose each section of the city ,the combat in the mode is stupid, and they really didn't have to add it.The multiplayer is much more enjoyable than AC Brotherhood with many new characters and modes.The most noticable improvement is the shorter time you spend for waiting to play.In conclusion Revelations may not be all the fans was hoping for but it is a nice addition to the series and a must play.