End Of An Era with a compelling storyline.

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
AC Revelations is definitely worth playing as this one concentrates on the core of the story unlike the previous title AC Brotherhood. So any AC fan wouldn't surely want to miss out on that. Also this is the first emotional story in the AC Series

But wait for it to platinum and then buy it as it's not worth buying it for keeps at the release price as there is little to do once the story,a short one at that, is finished unless you are into the unimpressive multiplayer game.

Ubisoft is continuously working on improving the game with new side missions but the one's in this are not all that addictive. The Desmond sequences could have been presented better as in play out his life rather than just listening to it.The brotherhood system works far better in this than ACB itself.BGM is not as refreshing as it was in AC. Gameplay and graphics are good as usual.

8.0 Presentation
8.0 Graphics
8.0 Sound
8.0 Gameplay
8.0 Lasting Appeal