Assassins Creed is finally heading back in the right direction

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PS3

Many people was thinking another Assassins Creed another decline for the series but not at all Black Flag has a great sense of atmosphere and looks a heck of an amazing game.

The story for starters is Edward Kenway journeys through life wanting to sail the waters and loot for things and have adventure but soon he ends up becoming a master assassin.

The gameplay in terms of combat feels much smoother if little has changed the game flows very nicely this time and unlike it's predecessor it doesn't have any minor glitches which number 3 did in parts. The main part of the game you will be sailing alot and doing that you can gather materials to upgrade your vessel and make it a force to be reckoned with. At the beginning Brigs will be bothersome but get stronger cannons and Mortars and you will down them in 2 hits. The sailing in number 3 felt tacked on but this time it actually feels fantastic. Also you can board ships,send vessels to your Fleet and send them out to do stuff for you.

Also with your ship you can by boarding ships gain crew members and firepower as well as materials. You even get to Harpoon Sharks and Whales and also Dive underwater which by the way is lovely to explore the oceans various areas.

The Crafting was pretty bad in the last game this time it is much improved and they feel like you need these upgrades to help you in your journey through the game. They are easy to find and fun as well the islands there are loads and each one has something about it.

Also from time to time you will be taken to another scenario where you are basically working for Abstergo and hacking computers and stuff for valuable information it doesn't feel to important but it's there I suppose. Multiplayer seems unchanged and isn't really for everyone anyway.

The game has amazing characters Edward Kenway is already one of the best characters from the series and much cooler than the whiny Connor. Also you shall stumble across the legendary Pirate Blackbeard and various other pirates. The Ocean is the big winner and the sailing as well

A campaign that can last somewhere about 20 to 40 hours which isn't bad and that's not including all the side missions and upgrades you can do either. Taking down Forts and Legendary Ships will want you to keep playing till your the most dangerous pirate on the seas.

Overall Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag is step forward for the series it feels like collecting stuff and upgrading really counts plus the game has one of the biggest overworlds ever that you just want to explore. The series has been given a new lease of life. If you thought that the series was going backwards then this game shall prove you wrong.

Overall Score 9.2