Need friends that plays AC4 for social stuff

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My gamertag is Toddy123. Add me plz. I be sure to help you guys too with kenways fleet and such. I play on the PS3.

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Excuse me for bad info on what I am looking for. I have played this for over 1 day in game time and havent got to one of the blue icons that symbols social treasure, white whale and royal convoys.. If somebody who is playing AC4 add me so they can share it with me if they find some of them that would be very helpful. Again my GT is Toddy123 and I play on the PS3. Thanks to those people who decides to add me and help me.

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If you haven't read , there some issues with ubi servers , social events at the moment are broken ,don't know if that is on all platforms but defenalely on PC .

Also you don't need to have friend to get the event in your game .