Assassins Creed 3 has amazing graphics,new weapons and amazing story that just keep you hooked till the end.

User Rating: 8.5 | Assassin's Creed III PS3
Assassins Creed 3 is actually the 4th Assassins Creed in the last years with 2, Brotherhood and Revelations being the previous entries.


The game has 2 seperate stories one where Desmond has to stop the Absterago from getting hold of the secret of the Templars which could have lasting effects on the world and you have Connor who is attempting to avenge what happened to his village and mother.


The game doesn't have you start it as Connor but of a guy called Haytham Kenway who is Connors dad and he is one of the templars. The game does start off pretty slow and can take quiet a while to get going.

The combat is much improved you can counter,double kill and even jump on horse or hang them with Rope Darts. Also as Connor you shoot wildlife to sell for money. Also to get money in this you can't just press a button you have to hold the button until you get the money or stuff. Treasure Chests sometimes have locks which have to be picked and can be a pain at first but it gets easier.

There are Naval missions which have you sailing across the open sea commanding a ship to look for goodies or take down an enemy ship and it gets really intense and is a nice new feature. The next are Peg Leg missions which you need to get to access these areas that have alot of treasure on them and some of the best elements in the game.

There are also Fort missions where you take down the enemies in a Fort and get the treasure and clear it. Then there are Courier Missions,Assassination Missions and even build things as well. Then there are things to collect like Feathers and Alamus Pages which can be a pain to get but there is alot to go for even when you beat the game.

There is multiplayer but it's not changed that much either and can be a bit hard to master if you didn't play the previous entries. but if you liked it you will be at home with it.


The game looks mindblowing it looks almost like real life and the voice acting apart from Connor was all very good indeed. It's actually probably the best game I have ever seen.


About 20 hours of gameplay and that's just for the campaign but there's loads of extras like side missions and other stuff to go for as well as multiplayer. So your looking at about 40 hours or more.

Overall Opinion

Assassins Creed 3 is a great game but not the best Assassins Creed game maybe it's because number 2 nailed and took the series forward. It has alot of vareity but also number 3 takes about 3 or 4 hours to really get good plus the first few sequences act as tutorials but after that it's a really brilliant game from then on. Should you get this game yes you should.

Overall Score 8.6