Why can't I duck????

#1 Posted by AtheismWon (89 posts) -

Anyone? I'm sick of hearing this same conversation over and over getting killed. And whats up with all the clipping issues?


#2 Posted by xsxexvxexnx (379 posts) -

To duck, hold R1 + X.

#3 Posted by AtheismWon (89 posts) -

i'm on 360 so that doesn't work.

#4 Posted by RevolverAce (983 posts) -

Hold Right mouse button + Space

#5 Posted by CanJayLive (111 posts) -

you have to hold down the running button

#6 Posted by AtheismWon (89 posts) -

360s don't have space bars. Still can't duck.

#7 Posted by xsxexvxexnx (379 posts) -

High profile button + Jump.

#8 Posted by Adema1226 (216 posts) -
So on the 360 is it right trigger + A, or RB + A? What exactly is it? I can't figure it out either.
#9 Posted by CreMax90 (23 posts) -
On the 360, hold RT + A On the Ps3, hold R1 + X PC, hold right mouse button + Space It isn't actually a duck, if you ask me. I dont even think there is a "real" duck button cause every time when I'm behind a crate, he would still jump on it.