Templars with hidden blades assassin's creed 3

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Why does conner's dad fight with a hidden blade if he is a Templar?
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Doesn't it say in the ADB that he stole it from one of the assassin's he killed? Or something like that?

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They don't know for sure, yet. But yes, the ADB does say it is likely he could have stolen it. However, my guess is considering the next game you play as Connor's grandfather I bet we will all learn why.
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I got it!

And the end of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Edward Kenway is going to die - his hidden blade will be picked up by 6-year-old (or very young) Haytham, then some man who Edward entrusted to raise Haytham will lead him away, but the player will know the truth - that man is actually a Templar!


That's my prediction, anyway...

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Hey, that sounds pretty good! In a way, the templars infiltrated the assassins as raising a son of a real one as one of their own.