Serious glitch, please help

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Hi Folks,

When I was our roaming the frontier looking for trinkets, I jumped off a cliff into an unacessbile area (Valley Forge), I de-sychronised at the bottom from falling from the height, and now when it reloads me it keeps trying to put me back in Valley Forge, then immediately de-syncrhonises again, and this process continues.

I have tried quitting the game and restarting, but it keeps putting me back in Valley Forge. Can anyone suggest anything here?

Thanks in advance

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Maybe you could try restarting from last check-point, if possible. If not, try quitting the anemis (however its spelled) and go back to being Desmond in the present. Then try the anemis again and maybe it will restart you somewhere else.
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also you can try to beat the desynch, keep pressing the Map button as it starts to load, then fast travel elsewhere