Not Getting Any Voice Interaction...

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Playing on a PC. My system exceeds all requirements, and all drivers are updated. The background noise comes in loud and clear, but when the game characters speak to each other, all I see is their lips moving...other than the previously mentioned background noise, I'm gettin' zero dialog, and would like to know how to fix this. Checked other threads for a possible solution, but couldn't find any. Any/all help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!
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Is it every time you play? Updated sound drivers? Make sure the voice settings in the game are turned up? Maybe reinstall the game? (Backup your save files!)

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Happens every time I start the game. The voice settings are where they should be, and I've reinstalled the game several times.
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For some reason my sound settings were set to surround sound. With only a two speaker system, I changed the settings to stereo, and my problem was solved.