no audio on my PX5's

#1 Posted by jonesy1911 (3482 posts) -

I get no in game audio at all for AC3 on my turtle beach PX5's but they work for everything else.... anyone else have this problem?

#2 Posted by Sledgehammer82 (25 posts) -

I have the Turtle beach PX5 as well. I disabled dolby 5.1 and DTS from my sound settings and the sound worked fine after that when playing AC3. Hope this helps

#3 Posted by XspidervenomX (372 posts) -

I am not either. Everything else works. Every game but this one. Thats scary that PX5 will not work with a game. I have only tried a handfull. The menu for this game works. Once I start the game nothing?

However , if I plug my optical cable in my TV I get sound on PX5? On the ps3 it does not work. This game only so far??