Morris game cheats

#1 Posted by ButchCassidy338 (19 posts) -

I had this dude beat.  I had two areas where all i had to do was move pieces back and forth and take him out.  so what happens?  the a-hole moves his pieces 2-3 spots at a time!  total BS.  how can i only move one spot but he can move from the inner square to the outmost one in one turn? 


so it was impossible for me to block him and i end up losing.  what gives.

#2 Posted by thatguy2001 (96 posts) -

Have the same problem. Just when you think you have the person beat, they pull an illegal move and you can't do nothing about it. Pisses me off.

#3 Posted by halokillerz (3406 posts) -

Read the rules, you can move anywhere once you have 3 or less pieces

#4 Posted by thatguy2001 (96 posts) -

lol. Maybe I should have read the rules. But I hate reading things.