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Hey guys, first love the game, but I'm a little lost with some things. If any of you could help. First how do you disarm enemy weapon when in combat? I'm on 360, I press b, then A and nada works. Also the courrier missions I'm not sure what to do? I pick up letters and don't know what to do. And at times I run into the guy that says "courrier" above his head that just runs from me? Am i suppose to chase and kill him? Also I'm not sure how the map works. It seems I change it by accident. For eg. When I'm in frontier and I want to view Boston map I'm not exactly sure how to do it. And the crafting? How does this work? As I've said I love the game; it's awesome. Just it's a little confusing when there's no icons or detail on what to do ecactly. If any of you could help with detail that'd be sweet. Thanks appreciated it.
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well to disarm someone you are doing the correct key combonation you hit B to counter and then its X to kill Y to range kill or A to disarm.

if you want to look at a different map all you have to do is continue to hold the trigger to zoom out, you might have to take your finger off of it for a second and reapply for it to work, I have yet to do any courier missions so I cannot help you there

to access crafting either go to the manor or any general store
for crafting all you need is a worker (left 2 circles) materials (middle 3 circles). if you have been keeping up to date on recipes then you can just find them in the right most circle and it will fill in what you need for each item you want (the second sub menu of recipes is very important gives you bigger bags for arrows and consumables as well as the best weapons in the game around sequence 9)