how to kill the guys with good guards

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theres certain guysd i just cant get a hit on they block all attacks and breaking attack does nothing they keep hitting me and killing me im trying to get the attacking down in this game a lil diff from previous games but this damn guard is hard as balls any tips they r the ones usually with the black cloths over there mouths with hats on if that helps do u even learn new moves in the game?


im just starting as adult conner btw

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Yeah, okay. You're talking about the Jagers; Hessians. There's two basic ways to kill them in open combat. One, fight them unarmed and wait for them to attack. Once they attack press O, then X to disarm them. Then you can kill them with their own weapon. Two, use your own weapon and wait for them to attack. Once they do, parry, then press X [playstation controls] to stun them and kick their weapon out of their hands. Once they are defenseless you keep attacking them till Connor does a finisher on them. No other type of action will work against them other then those two. You have to wait till they attack you. And counter kill streaking on them will not work. They can however be used as meat shields, so use that to your advantage. They can also be killed instantly if they participate in a double counter kill. Keep your eyes on the Hessians and be ready for one of them to attempt to attack you with another soldier. This is an easy way to take two of them out in one fell swoop if possible.
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thanks for the info they were kicking my ass

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Now you can kick theirs. ;)
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The there is easy way which kills anyone, actually its GOD mode in my book but some of the animations are cool. Just equip any second item like rope dart, actually anything except money and your horse. Once you have done your counter with B button just press Y button for your second item to a instant kill on type of guard.    

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Yes, that is an easier way. You can also shoot them, poison them, or hit them with smoke then assassinate them. There's really a plethora of ways... I forgot to mention... Sometimes when you kill a couple guards or kill a Hessian another Hessian will show fear and tremble a bit. If you attack them during this instance you can get a free kill. It's a short instance though, so act fast.