How do Risk Rates work?

#1 Posted by emujames (764 posts) -
What do the risk rates mean in naval combat? Does completing naval missions reduce land convoy risk? What happens if all three of my convoys get attacked?
#2 Posted by Magnaxilorius (232 posts) -

I'm pretty sure it's just letting you know how difficult that particular battle is. At least, that's how I've understood it.

#3 Posted by emujames (764 posts) -
what about land convoys, ive had one attacked so I bought two more but what happens if they get attacked, can I run out of land convoys?
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I'm not sure on that one. I almost want to say you can craft more wagons for the convoys or something... but like I said, I'm not certain.

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Crafting and convoy are a mess in this game.  Very unclear.