Help, problem finding my exclusive content items after activating codes

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Hello there. I can't seem to find the stuff I've unlocked through reedeming codes, or if it even activated at all. I bought the game at launch but I thought maybe I had to wait for the items to pop in the game. Now I'm at Sequence, 7 or more and see that I do miss items I should have unlocked, also tried activating codes again (for the billionth time).


The Uplay pass is ok, but I should have the PS3 exclusive bonus mission (how am I supposed to know where/when in the game it is supposed to be, anyway ? bad info imo), and I should also have the other exclusive content that was taped on the front of my game, it had a red coat MP thing, and some costumes I assume it is, with Scottish Flint Lock Musket and Boarding Axe. Nowhere can I find those weapons, and I've put in the codes a lot.


Thanks in advance. :)

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I know that the extra mission is a naval mission, and you can access it at any harbormaster.

The items will most likely be found in your manor, at the weapon racks and any outfits on the outfit stands.. But I can't tell you this with 100% certainty, and I don't know exactly which items you get.