Encyclopedia of The Common Man???

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I have completed the Building the Homestead missions and the achievement hasn't come up yet.. Any one else have this problem??? 

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I can't even figure out how to use it. I hold the left trigger at people and it does nothing. Plus, the mission where the guy is hanging over the cliff by a rope tied to his leg, and you save him, glitches for me. The rope is tied around a rock at the top of the cliff and it has squiggly lines around it like you can interact with it, but pressing B does nothing and it won't let me interact with it. Either it's a glitch or that's not how you save the man.
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Yea I'm starting to see more complaints on the Building the Homestead Missions online in other forums. I don't know what else to do. I have recorded all of the inhabitants and still nothing happens.
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Ok First Off, To The Guy With The Rock Problem, Go Up To The Guy And Then Try, Not To The Rope. And Second, U Have To Scan The People U Get FROM The Homestead Missions Doing 3 Different Things Each, Its A Pain And Takes Awhile But U Can Get The Trophy.

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I scanned everyone 3 times... Everything is done... no achievement
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Ok First Off, To The Guy With The Rock Problem, Go Up To The Guy And Then Try, Not To The Rope...

Thanks for the suggestion, but still can't do anything. He's hanging on the side of a cliff, you can only get so close to him, and still, the interact button does nothing. The rock at the top is highlighted with the white squiggly lines like it is an interactive object.
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Remember to use eagle vision on everyone before you scan them. If they appear gold, they are doing an activity that counts toward the encyclopedia. If they are blue, it will not count. As for the guy hanging upside down, you cannot pull him up by yourself. You have to interact with the rope and that will pull him up. You have to defeat all the bad guys first in order for it to work. Also, after you scan a person, stick around and they will eventually switch to another activity. Just remember to use eagle vision each time to see if they turn gold or not. It is painfully slow, but it does work. This will be the only way to get the trophy if you completed the game. You will have to force them out of their homes by standing near their respective locations. Eventually each person will come out and start their activities. I hope this helps. I look forward to playing with or against you.

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i got the same problem scanned them all 3 times doing different daily chores (log is done), everyone is here and maxed out in skill.

but no achievement...

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You have to target them by pressing L1 (PS3), when they are doing a scannable activity,which can be identified my using Eagle Vission to see a yellow highlighted NPC.