Can't get third assassin recruit in Boston/Boston North? help

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Can someone tell me why I can't get the assassin recruit in Boston North (Duncan Little)? I have the two other areas in Boston liberated and get Chapeau and Wilkinson, but the North Section still says "disputed" yet shows no liberation missions to perform. Also, when I go to the tavern where Little should be located, he's not there...

Am I just going to go through the entire game now short a recruit? This makes no sense to me, I'm not sure how to rectify the situation. Can anyone offer any suggsetions?

Thanks in advance folks.

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its a pretty common glitch, ive had it myself. the missions are there but the map just doesnt show them. so youll need to just run around till you see them.

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Like the previous poster said, run around the map you will find your last mission(s). You need to be 90% or more disputed or even if you find Duncan you will not be able to talk to him. When running around the map keep your eye on the mini map. Sometimes the icon(s) will show up on it!

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I don't know if you're still having trouble finding him or not, but in addition to the advice above, I recommend that you turn on your subtitles. The subtitles will only come up for conversations that are important, and it includes side quests. I had this glitch, and it happened after one of the guys jumped on to his horse and ran away and I had to track him down and kill him. Unfortunately I had failed, but all of my liberation mission icons disappeared. They didn't even reappear on the HUD map when I was close to the mission I needed to find. I was ONLY able to zero in on it due to the subtitles.

I hope you've already gotten everything worked out, but if you haven't, hopefully this will help more.