Can't find last chest

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Well guys, first of all i'm sorry for bad english, i'm brasilian. I'm can't find the last chest anywhere, i've bought all the chests maps and i've looted all the chests that appeared on the map, but i'm still with 97% of chests collected. I've already searched in all the maps, homestead, NY, BO and Frontier, do anyone knows where is the last chest? Thanks!
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where does it say you need to get the last chest? (check your treausre log). if it's boston, it is in the bar where you go as haytam in the game. the bar should be in the middle and the chest should be on the top floor in one of the rooms.

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Do you have any idea where the chest is near Fort Monmouth? Like I can run right over the chest icon but can't seem to find it.