bug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on home stead mission

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hey guys can you please help me with a problem. I played normally assassin's creed 3 and i wanted to do a homestead mission the 1e one of big dave, that one works fine but wen i wanted to play the second one i had a problem i saw the video where he sad that he needed some tools in new York and i wanted to go there by fast travel and i got a bug wen i finally got to new york there wasn't a icon of the homestead mission at all, so i cant level up big dave to level 2 please help me finding a way wen its still possible and replaying the whole game isn't a option because that sucks please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You have to buy the tools in one of the stores and i dont think there was an icon if i remember right
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For me, each Gerneral Store had a Homestead Mission icon on it. However, it may just be a glitch in the icon. Try going to any General Store in Boston (at least i think it is Boston, maybe New York) and there should be a new item category called "Mission Items" or something like that.