Big problem end of sequence 6 !

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Hi !

When I finish sequence 6 the white loading screen never ends. I have 100% full synchonisation and I do everything right but I still have this problem. Now I cannot continue the game...

I have another and older issue which could be a cause maybe : Uplay fails all the time to synchonize my memories with the cloud.

Please guys I am really bored of it... :/

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@fcfcfcfcfcfcfc: try wiping the disc really good.

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@watchdogsrules: I already play without the disc actually. It is not like the game freeze, it is just infinite load.

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@fcfcfcfcfcfcfc: since you play without disc, i can't help you there, but you can walk over to gamestop and buy the game for 13 bucks pre owned for 360 or for 10 bucks pre owned for PS3. also i HIGHLY recommend getting black flag.