Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag question!

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I am confused how Edward Kenway can be both a pirate and an Assassin. Weren't pirates all about raping and pillaging, stealing from anyone and everyone, killing anything that got in their path? As for the Assassins', they are about protecting everyone, letting humanity decide their own fate, giving people the choice to choose their own paths and lead their own lives.


I guess I just do not see how those two seemingly contradictory ideologies can both be within one character. Perhaps, Edward Kenway and his pirates only attack Templar pirates? Who knows!


Any ideas?

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They'll probably gloss over it by saying "he's a noble pirate" or "he only plunders and pillages Templar ships and ports" etc.

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Maybe Edward Kenway not follwing the ways of the Assassins is why Haytham ends up as a Templar?
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As AC III showed us, the line between templars and assassins is blurring. There is something in the animus for III that was talking about a pirate and how they have a bad reputation but whatever they were talking about was actually generous and kind to the people. I can't remember what it was though.

Perhaps they will build upon that more. But this game starts off with a bang with Haythem and only knowing his father and where he came from can we all understand the events that unfolded before the American Revolution.

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read asssins creed forsaken it tells you why haytham becomes a templar