Assassin's Creed III vs. Ezio's AC games

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Hello, I am a huge AC fan. In the first game, it took awhile until I found the game fascinating, but AC II, AC Brotherhood and AC Revelations gameplay was absolutely astonishing. As I finished 4 games in 3 months, I came to play AC III and I am now very confused. (No spoilers here). First of all, why did they make the platforming so easy and automatic? I kind of enjoyed the challenge. Second, why there is no more official mission starts. I mean, when I see an Assassination Contract, I simply kill the target in a second, and that's it: no money is given, nothing. Same issue with the Liberation Missions. What do I get from them? Not much. And I really hate the hunting addition Ubisoft added, I don't find it humane to assassinate animals. If I would, I'd played Far Cry 3. I really like the fighting mechanism, but I don't like the new L1 PS3 controller button, with the aiming thing. I wish I could lock on a target with L1 and not aim like it's a FPS... And the worst: I have absolutely no idea how to manage the trading book. I just push buttons and hope to make something out of it. In AC Revelations I just bought shops and made profit. How do I make profit here? I just bribe heralds and lose money. I don't get money from missions at all... Also, the stealth challenges are gone. In one missions, I had to clear the path for my associates, and instead of killing one guard at a time, I kill two and then 20 come after me. To sum it all, Ubisoft, I appreciate your tries to make something new, but this something new called AC III has lots of issues to resolve before it can reach Ezio's gameplay experience. Thanks guys for reading
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to make money you need to build convoys and sell skins to the venders by sending a convoy not going to the store. But you need to clear the forts to make a clear path or your convoys will be attacked, once the forts are liberated their is a 10% chance on your convoy being attacked and you can go defend it. When sending the convoys bear pelts are worth the most and beaver pelts are worth the second most. You can buy the pelts from the homestead and then sell then thru the convoys and still earn a profit. All the venders that you can send convoys to give a different amount so you need to find the one that gives the most.