Assassins creed 3 multiplayer. Flawed or flawless?

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In my opinion, flawed. Not the content but the gameplay. How many times do you play it and you're just like, how in the **** is that gonna happen? Theres no way. How are you going to go to stun somebody head on, but instead without that person even hitting a single button he's just going to counter it completely and kill you? That is quite annoying. Or how about in artifact assault where you're being chased by the enemy team while running with the artifact and you finally get into the ring but the enemy can somehow still kill you in the ring and you don't even score when you clearly did. The response in the game is obviously not very good, and it pisses me off to the point where when that happens i quit the game and hop on bf3. Also, this has happened to me multiple times, when I throw a knife at somebody and they fall to the ground so I jump down or run to kill them but some ****ing how they stun me while being stunned themselves. How is it that they can do this but while going head on to another player it's not possible? Where are your updates ubi? Hm? Also not relevant to multiplayer but single player, how many grammar mistakes have you guys counted? If I add up the ones I've noticed and my friends noticed, it'd be at least ten. Not a very big number but two is even good enough to be a little embarrassed about.