Assassin's Creed 3 fiction

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Hi everybody i had to do a little fiction in my english international class for 9th grade ( i study english in france), it is a little censured of course. Plz give me your opinion. Connor The Indian Assassin 2012 One day, in the city of New York, Desmond Miles , a young barman, was looking in his old boxes, given to him by his great grand-father, when he saw a strange book. It was old, very old. It was covered in dust .Desmond blew on it and saw the title : The Friends of Liberty . At the bottom of the cover he saw For the family of the Eagle. Desmond. His name meant eagle in ancient Greek. He opened the book at an uncertain page , and started an incredible adventure... 1777 : Connor, 21 years old, American/Indian Dear descendents, I don't even know where to start. I was born of an American father and of an Indian mother, both dead, like my tribe, the Mohawks, because of an English General, John Burgoyne, that set the fire with his troops to our camp. I am the only survivor. The words to describe this, are hard to find, so I will stop writing about my childhood. Instead, I want to talk about my revenge. I have precious informers, hears everywhere. The General is here. He is battling right now against Georges Washington's army at Saratoga. I must go there fast before the battle ends, for if the general retreats, I may never have another chance to put my mind in peace. It's snowing, so my vision is consequently diminished. But the same is for the soldiers then. I am in a forest, so I mustnt lose time . I run to Saratoga, in the cold weather. This American Revolution is a good thing for the freedom of my country and the honor of my tribe. But the only problem is that a lot of our brothers have joined the English because of their oath to protect our territories and leave them alone. The cowards! We don't get bribed ! Real Indians just stay and fight ! My legs are getting numb in the snow, so I decide to climb in a tree. After, I jump from tree to tree, since I was pretty good at this game in my childhood. I see an eagle in the sky, the symbol of liberty. The symbol of my family. I don't care. I continue running. I don't care. I continue running. After all, I am an Assassin. Dear descendent, don't be scared if you are ignorant of the real meaning of assassin. We are a group fighting for the liberty of will and action. We have been trained all our life to do incredible things, to develop stealth, and to kill without emotion the people that destroy freedom from this land. This cold-blooded general must die by the following our Creed: -Never kill innocents -Do not draw attention to yourself in a crowd -Never reveal the secrets of the Assassins other than to our brothers I hear a tree branch get steped on. I look underneath me. It's a patrol of royalists. They are unaware of my presence, but they are in my way, so I must take advantage of the surprise. One of the guards screams to his compatriots Halt !. It was the last order he ever gave. I take out my smoke bomb, made by the finest builders of all time, and throw it at the group. It's a trap !, one yells. The Americans !, screams another. I prepare my bow and arrows, the ancestral weapons of my tribe, and when I can see the men again, out of the smoke, I let go of the string. The arrow is launched and hits one of the men in the throat. He dies instantly. One down, three to go. I just have the time to shoot another guard before the 2 others are back to their senses. They take out their swords, for they are too close to use their guns. One tries to attack me , but I don't even let him have the chance to touch me. I throw my tomahawk at his heart and look quickly to the final guard. The view of so much blood of a man who was only there at the wrong time and place disgusts me . He begs for my pity. I leave, ignoring him, and pick up my tomahawk. The foolish man is courageous, for he jumps at my throat and tries to strangle me with his arms and I have to push hard so he doesnt kill me . What a stupid man ! I have to spill blood, again. If only he had just fled. I take him by the head and hit it against a tree until he is full of blood. He begs for my pity, again. And for an uncertain reason, maybe really pity, I leave him , again. Ho ! What happened to me ? What are those emotions ? I run to the battlefield. It looks like it just started . When I arrive, I can distinctively see Georges Washington and hear him say to his troops in the distance: Today, we fight for liberty, even I we must live or die , we will never surrender to oppression ! Wise words, said by a wise man. I can see dead bodies on both sides. Blue... and red. I run s fast as my feet can carry me to Georges Washington. I can't even get close to him, since I get hit by a big man with his hand and fall unconscious. When I wake up, my pride and anger is replaced by fear. Am I in an English camp? To be tortured ? But soon enough, I recognize the numerous medals, and then enters a friendly face. Georges Washington., is the only word I say. Indeed, my dear Mohawk friend What happened ? One of my soldiers took you for an enemy and was going to kill you, but I recognize you and asked him to take you in my camp. ,he explained. Oh! Well thanks, I can say. So, Connor, why did you come ? You know why, for my parents and my tribe. I heard that your enemy's general, John Burgoyne , is the Indian killer that took them away from me ! My poor Connor ! The battle is finished now , we must go ahead with all of my troops ! But he must be fleeing ! Yes No !, I ran out of the tent CONNOR ! Come back ! Sorry sir , this is my personal duty. Killing him wont make you feel better Oh yes it will !, and on these words I run, I run. Tears are dropping from my eyes, tears of rage. Papa, Mama, everyone. And finally, after what sounded like an never ending torture, I see him in the distance. There he is, with ten men around him. I climb in a tree, following them from the distance. Rage confuses my thoughts , and I don't have a plan, but I know what I will have to do when the times comes . Kill him. From tree to tree I jump and I scream, making them stop. And I jump on the General, tomahawk ready, from my tree. I will kill him! Yes, he will die ! Wait! What is that soldier doing ? He saw me and pushed the general away. I fall hard on the ground. I can't feel my legs anymore. So, Mohawk, you tried to kill me ?, he taunts, Oh yes, it's true I killed your family, right ? Too bad ! Such nice , dead , Indians !.My body shakes with anger and rage but I can't move. What's the point trying. He's won. Kill him, he ordered. I couldn't kill him after all. Hey ! My hand, it can move! I take my pistol out. A more civilized weapon, for a modern man. I shoot , and fall after hearing a trumpet. I'm not dead yet. .The Americans, they're here ! Thank you, Washington. Thank . Everything turns black 2012 Desmond woke up in his bed, his head hurting, he looked at the clock, and realized he had slept for two days and asked himself Had this all been a dream ?. He looked at the old boxes again. The book was not to be found. Now, it looked like it was his own turn to write his story, and give it to his descendents. It looked like this was the mission of his family, after all .
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