Assassin's 3 Sharpshooter ?

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I just ordered assassin's creed 3 special edition, now there is actually one thing i really want, and as you can guess, it's the sharpshooter. The problem is that it's only available with NOS energy drinks, by redeeming a code at their site. My question: Can someone please do that for me because i don't live in the united states. (And you have to live in the united states to redeem codes). I really appreciate it if someone wants to do this for me (and doesn't use the code of course) and send it to my email: , Doesn't really matter but i would really really appreciate it if someone would do this for me. by the way it's for ps3. If someone does this for me you would really be my hero.
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In the special adition I think you get sharpshooter.Dont you I might be wrong thoe.

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Sure, I'll pick one up at work today.