What do you want this game to be like?

#1 Posted by darkPSPfan (4934 posts) -

Some things I would like:

-graphics in quallity of Uncharted (or better if possible)
- good story
-fluid movement
-good controls
-a lot of side missions
-NO multiplayer
-new combat animations

#2 Posted by thenerd64 (33 posts) -

Amazing parkour.

huge open world

good combat

lots of outfits

#3 Posted by Flam1ngR3con24 (2 posts) -
OP you kinda got your wish. The Multiplayer is just a Conquer and Defend mode so it is not actual gameplay but more like select what place you want to conquer and wait. So It's like a strategy game (Multiplayer only, The single player is amazing, and a real Assassin's Creed experience on Vita. Really show's the systems power.)
#4 Posted by theexperience13 (236 posts) -

It's got it all for the Vita- graphics, gameplay, movement (though I have noticed a bit of framerate skipping if there's a lot of people when your range of vision is large), environment, story. And Aveline is a very likable main character. It's pretty awesome :D