URGENT HELP! I cant continue my game anymore...

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everytime i pick "CONTINUE" it takes me to the loadscreen then after a second it takes me back to the Ubisoft logo like the game simply restarts itself.

i tried closing and opening it and nothing happened, i also rebuilt tha database of my ps vita but that did nothing either. now im lost and i dont know what to do.

any help pls? :cry: 

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You are not alone I am having the same problems. After a google search I found this:





looks like the only option is a full restart. I am waiting for a patch if there isn't one within a week I'm going to be asking for a refund.

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yeah i guess there's nothing else to do but to restart the whole game. but heres another problem. the trading ship bug that i had before is still there. my ships are still stuck at seville even after i started a new game. i was hoping it will be gone by the time i start a new one but NO it didnt :(

i really love AC but man this game has the most annoying bugs i ever played my whole life.

heres the problem i was talking about:

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I am pro vita, got it on launch and now have 9 full games and cod in per order but supposedly this is the killer app it needed and the fact it is so full of game breaking bugs is a joke. I'm hesitant to start again aa I don't want to potentially lose progress once more. Developers charge enough for games to make this type of untested bull inexcusable. This should have been ironed out in the day 1 patch. Ubisoft have lost my trust on this one...