Can't connect to PS3 system?

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So I bought my ACIII Freedom Edition today, and I tried connecting the two for the bonuses. Fact of the matter, I tried around 5-6 times, after restarting both consoles, logging in and out, all that, and it still wouldn't connect, and come up with" Unable to connect to PS3 system". I also tried doing it via the USB cable, nothing.

Anyone else has problems with this? A workaround or anything?

PS: love the game!

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I was having that exact problem. Go into the main menu of Assassins Creed 3 on your PS3, go down to extras and then go to connect to Playstation Vita system. After that try connecting on your Vita. I was trying for ages and that worked for me first go :) 

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Thanks for the info! I will give it a shot once I have both ready. This was troubling me all the time, didn't think of that though :P