Great From Start To Finish.

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed II PS3
I had only got interested in the game because Ezio was in Soul Calibur V and well.. I really got into the whole renaissance era. I've watched my brother play this game and saw him getting frustrated with it so automatically that made me think I should try it and I did. The first time playing Assassin's Creed II was AMAZING. The graphics made me feel part of the whole game and the beauty of Italy was breath-taking, being an Italian myself. The adventures are endless fun of assassinating, fights, and man the story line is great! I get all these mixed emotions with all the characters. The voice acting is wonderful to listen to. I could go on forever about this game... BUT the sometimes controlling Ezio and stuff gets on my nerves, but that's not a big deal. Who says girls can't play video games, let alone Assassins Creed? Yeah that's what I thought!