Mafia is just the best game ever created

Thats right, mafia is not a game, mafia is just the perfect game, best game ever made.

The first time I played it, was because I was bored and I downloaded this game, I didn't think I was gonna LOVE it, I just thought i would have a little fun with it, but since I saw the intro, and played the tutorial I knew it, I was playing a very great game.

I just loved all the missions, characters, the city, the weapons, cars... just everything was perfect
The thing that I most loved was the story, it was just perfect, I would say better than The Godfather movie. (now that I say godfather, I must say I didnt like The Godfather game... it was so bad)

Graphics were great, they may look not so nice now though, but they were perfect for a game from 2002, and even now they are still good

Music was... just perfect, nothing more to say

The story as I said, I just loved it, since the first to the last time

The city was great, big and beautiful with a lot of things in it

The game difficulty was not very hard, but I must say I was stuck in the last mission for like 1 week...

And after i finally finished it, I loved it even more, the end was so good but a little sad I must say...

And then, I decided to thank its creators by buying 2 copies of the game, (I don't usually buy games...) one for me and the other one was a gift for my cousin, who loved the game also.

And it is a game which you can play more than 1 time, I played and finished it like 5 times, right now I am writing this review because I installed it again haha. I will NEVER forget this game

Well, I would like to play a second part of mafia but, I think there is no way the story could continue, and even if there was, I guess the best way to keep mafia as a masterpiece is not to make a second part

They could make more games like this though..

As I saw in another review, Mafia can be defined just with one word: MASTERPIECE