A great extra scoop of Assassins Creed action, it's nothing new but still good fun.

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci Disappearance X360
A much better DLC than the AC2 downloads, mainly due to it not being a vital part of the story just an extra add on for fans of Ezio. Set after the fall of the Borgias ezio return to Rome which turns into an unexpected adventure searching for his dear friend.

The main flaw in this DLC in my eyes is at the end Ezio talks how he must continue his fight with Caesar, even though it is set after the events of fighting him. A mistake like that is very strange. The DLC doesn't really add anything new but it is great fun, the final level is a pleasure, similar to the tomb levels. Like in all game some levels are stronger than others. One of the strongest is visiting lucrezia in her country side home. Seeing the affects on her mental state from the actions in the main game is interesting. It is good to see old characters again.

The story is interesting but not mind blowing, but it will keep you entertained. The gameplay runs smoothly no glitches that can be common in DLC's . There is a mini game available to you'll probably only play it the once. The DLC comes with some easy achievements if you are a gamer score hunter, only half are really relevant to this download a lot of them should be allowed to be completed without downloading for example pickpocket a herald after bribing him, this is something that could be done anyway.

All in all, I'd say this download is worth it's money. Gameplay is satisfying, the story is entertaining and it's a great excuse for any Assassins Creed Brotherhood fan to dust off the disc for another play through.