Ezio returns in a fun sequel, what looks and feels good but adds little new.

User Rating: 8.5 | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Auditore Edition) X360
If you loved AC2 you'll love brotherhood, picking up straight where we left both Desmond and Ezio. The graphic have been greatly improved and gameplay has been tweaked making fights less repetitive. Sadly not much new is added gameplay is mostly the same. But the new features are implemented for the better.

A new feature I love is the new counter system, after one counter kill you can build a streak by flowing the attack to guard after guard. With practice you'll be taking down enemies in a smooth flow gaining higher and higher streaks, what is great fun you'll start fights in the street with guards just because it's a pleasure. Assassins recruits the latest biggest feature, it is a good idea and leveling them up and sending them on missions is fun but at times it feels like a default win button. Got loads of guards on you?? call in the support it does take some of the challenge from the game. But the choice to use them is down to you. Another new feature to the game is doing levels how ezio did them, if you do it following the level rule you get 100% if not you get 50%. I liked the idea of it, it gave the game an extra thing to strive for but at times I felt restricted by it, having to play the game how ubisoft wanted not how I wanted. I hated ones where to get full sync you couldn't kill a guard. I didn't buy AC to not kill people, i felt if i want to throw this guy of a roof I will and if you do what you like in a mission at the end you get a big message come up 50% full sync failed, what annoys me i just passed the level to be told I'm a failure. Certain objectives I loved trying to achieve but when it stopped me being able to play how I wanted I felt my freedom had be robbed. Finally we get the cross bow! It works just like the wrist gun but fast and quieter. parachutes also come into the game, they are practical for miss guided jumps but are a little dull, don't expect and just cause action.

Money has a better use now, like before upgrades on Armour and weapons can be brought, along with more equipment some new some old. All shops can be brought a little like in fable. The more places you buy the better Rome looks and the more money you earn, you have spend money to make money. Some items are locked for pointless shop quests, the items might as well be available at a higher price.

The story is good, not as developed as AC2 but it still is enthralling and Ezio character is one of the greatest in gaming, he is a pleasure to control and watch. Ezio is continuing his fight with the Borgia's. The character are interesting in fact it makes people interested in actual history events of the person, and parts are accurate to events that happen just with a AC twist. New and old characters return it is a pleasure to meet/see them again. There are hundreds of side missions to. Also fun Leo missions yes they are silly but fun none the less, destroying and array of war machines. A pointless feature added was a cannon battle at the start of the game, it's good fun but is advertised as a main gameplay feature but is only used once. The story starts off fast but slows in the middle but soon picks up again to a great ending. We see a return of tomb missions what still have to be my favorite parts of the AC games.

You can now leave the animus, the point to this is little but players asked for it so they got it. You can run around and find 5 items but this adds little to nothing. The truth puzzles return to, they are just as puzzling as before and are a great feature but can be very frustrating depend on how brainy you are.

As for multi player I haven't tried it out the main appeal for this game is defiantly the story mode. There is also a facebook game link that lets you level up assassins recruits a bit faster.

This is a must have for AC fans, nothing feels that new but then again nothing needed improving. A good story and solid gameplay. More answers are given and more a thrown up. ACB has improved gameplay what cannot be faulted. This is how games in a series should be, better and better each time. But less focus on multi player and more on the story probably would have made this game the best in the series so far. The story is good but it's no AC2