Anyone need help with a trophy? I do, JUST ONE!

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All I need is Triple Escape for the platinum trophy! I have been running around the maps like a headless chicken for MONTHS now trying to get three people to chase me...

It seems the only two times that happened, someone shot me with the hidden gun! :(

ADD ME if you need help with one or two as well. PSN name same as here!!!

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Do you still need help getting that trophy?
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Just wandering, I haven't been playing the game for that long now and tried to play the multiplayer part. But not enought players online. People still interested in playing the multiplayer? If so is there a time and day of the week that we can gather online so some of us can still experience multiplayer. That might work better then just exchanging PSN names (Mine is the same as my user name) Just hope people still want to play! (Sorry for the crappy english, I'm dutch)
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Sorry, no. I got it finally.