This game can simply be put as the best RPG for the PS2... Heres why!

Dragon Quest 8 starts off so basic and familier that its almost comforting. An evil man has gained new powers and cursed a king (omg shock!) and you survived his craziness, now its up to you (and a few friends along the way) to save the king and the princess and the whole kingdom!

Such a predictable and used plot! So why is this the best RPG on the PS2? Because its the perfect example of old school RPGs, the story is actually good, it flows nicely and doesn't leave you wondering what the hells going on! Its just a good story that flows.

The graphics are excellent and consistant. With character designs from the designer of Dragon Ball Z, so some characters look familier. The enviroment is very nice to explore and the dungeons are creepy yet beautiful.

The music is fantastic! The voice acting quality is superb, and the action sound FX are very well done! Its a wonderful orchestrated soiund track that makes you cheery, sad, and scared.

Now, the big thing about this game, is of course the genre trade marked battle system! ITS wonderful! You may take turns, but it feels action packed! And the random battles have an excellent interval in between, enough so you can get places, but not long enough to get comfy or bored. Its perfect, they didn't tweak anything about turn based battles or the random battles, they just perfected it!

I also like the implementation of saving, you go up to a priest and select confesion to save! It feels like your really in the game, rather then the normal Square Enix save spot, the blue sphere that randomly pops up. The church is used frequently in the game, to check progress on leveling up, to save and to reserect a fallen ally.

This game is stupendous for RPG fans, PERIOD! What it really is, is an old school RPG, and the core systematics of the genre have been perfected.

An absolute must own for the RPG fan and gamer, and if your not so much into RPGs then its still worth renting, though you may not have enough time to complete it! Its a big game, its fun, and it kicks butt!