Zombies Monsters Robots Closed Beta Giveaway

Access the Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta and an exclusive zombie-slaying gun!

GameSpot is giving away beta codes for Zombies Monsters Robots on PC this weekend! ZMR is an intense, third-person shooter that pits players against an unexpected an assortment of enemies, environments, and game modes.

Using an arsenal of customizable guns and gear, you'll need to make every shot count as you enter a war against infectious zombies, abominable monsters, and murderous robots.

We're giving away 10,000 codes to ZMR! Each code will unlock access to the closed beta as well as the GameSpot exclusive weapon, the SMG MP5-ZK that does extra damage while in zombie zones.

All you have to do is enter your email address below to receive a code while supplies last.

Here's how you redeem your beta code:

  1. Head to Zombies Monsters Robots' site.
  2. Sign in to your En Masse account. If you don’t already have an En Masse account, click on "Account Create" to register one. It only takes a moment.
  3. Click on "Account Settings."
  4. Click on "Enter Code" at the top of En Masse Account Overview
  5. Enter your closed beta key code.
  6. You should now have access to the Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta. Click on "Download Game" in the "Your Games" section to begin downloading the game client.

To redeem your GameSpot exclusive 30-day MP5-ZK SMG:

  1. Create a character in-game.
  2. Login to your En Masse account at account.enmasse.com.
  3. Enter your previous beta code, and add "gun" at the end with no spaces. Example: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXgun

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Anyone want a Key i have some contact me!!!

10 Left


Yea, I want to give my personal info to yet another company, yippeee!


Huge Gears of War fan here. this game is the closest thing to GoW in PC so Im in!!


@spacecadet25 All I had to provide is an email address, a password and a security question. I'd say that's as good as it gets.


@spacecadet25 It's the same company that owns Tera Online, if you've ever played that.  I already had an account there.