Zero-G Marines

Strategy First has finally released the first screenshots of its upcoming first-person space shooter.

Today Strategy First released the first images from Zero-G Marines, a first-person action game in which players maneuver around the space stations in an exo-shell zero gravity suit. We had the opportunity to see the game in action at last May's E3, and it impressed us as the first shooter to tackle space infantry combat. The game is set across a series of TerraCorp space stations orbiting the largest moons of Jupiter. The stations have been attacked one after another, and TerraCorp has sent in an elite squad of Zero-G Marines in to investigate.

Zero-G Marines features Descent-style action in outer space that allows for squad movement in any direction. A proprietary 3D engine lets Zero-G Marines transition seamlessly between the space stations' vast interior spaces and exterior scaffolding and docking areas. The graphics are packed with the eye candy that space games are known for, and the vehicles and enemy infantry are capably rendered. In addition to putting you in charge of a full squad of marines in the single-player campaigns, the game will allow for both cooperative and competitive multiplayer options.

The game has a long way to go yet. Strategy First has scheduled it for release in the fall of 2001.

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Zero-G Marines

Zero-G Marines