Zelda Watch Update - Saturday

There's only one place in North America that has Zelda... our neighbors up North.


As Saturday comes to a close, it looks like this weekend will be Zelda-less for US gamers. After checking numerous stores and keeping a tab on reports in our Zeldatips mailbox, it seems that shipments have not yet arrived and won't until Monday at the very least.

Rumors are flying on the Internet that some stores (Electronics Boutique, Toys R Us) already have copies of Zelda but are refusing to sell them. This is simply not true, and while some stores have received demo cartridges of the game, they have not yet received a regular shipment for distribution. Some stores are now telling customers that they aren't getting the game until Nov. 25th (Wednesday). But as stores receive copies - they can sell them. There is no restriction on selling early.

However, there is one place where Zelda is being sold right now in North America. It's in Canada. But it's only through a special event held in cooperation with Nintendo of Canada at a Toys R Us location near Toronto - Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. Starting this morning, the store had 100 advance copies of the game for sale, as well as giving several away through a special contest. The contest runs only on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm EST, so if you're in the area and can get there, go! Otherwise, you'll have to wait out the the long weekend and hope to get your hands on a copy of Zelda come Monday.

Remember, we're still running our Zelda Watch contest, so as soon as you know of a store in the US or Canada where you can buy a copy right now - let us know (see the other Zelda Watch story for complete details) -- send your store reports to zeldatips@hotmail.com.



lol, first for a news story on the best game ever, sweet