XCOM: Enemy Unknown iOS update adds multiplayer

New update released today introduces asynchronous multiplayer, iOS 7 optimization, and leaderboards.

2K Games today released a new update for XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS that adds asynchronous multiplayer to the strategy game. The game originally launched in June, with multiplayer support promised to be added "at a later date."

The XCOM: Enemy Unknown iOS title update also features various optimizations for iOS 7 and leaderboards that will track player progress and achievements in the newly added multiplayer mode.

2K Games also announced that beginning today and running through October 13, XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS will be available for $10 instead of the normal price of $20.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for consoles and PC launched last October. For more, check out GameSpot's review.

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Eddie Makuch

Eddie Makuch is a news editor at GameSpot, and would like to see the Whalers return to Hartford.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Wish I'd have known that before I bought it literally a week ago. That's what I get for trying to get x-com on the go, I guess. 


I don't like this whole games on iOS business. I admit I do not like Apple and iPhones, but that's not the reason. I don't like it because it seems to be only coming to that platform often. This isn't the same as consoles. Multiple consoles makes sense because they are purposefully designed for games. It's only natural they try to distinguish themselves by exclusive games. 

But phones are for a different purpose. Nobody expects me to own more than one phone so I can get games do they? I really wish they would release Android and Windows Phone or whatever OS' there are/versions as well from now on. I really don't get the limitation to iOS. There is no deal there is there?