Xbox Tenchu: Return From Darkness details

Activision releases new information on its upcoming ninja action adventure game for the Xbox.

Activision has today released new information on Tenchu: Return From Darkness, which was announced for the Xbox in July. The game is based on the PlayStation 2 title Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, but it will feature a number of Xbox-exclusive enhancements, including additional levels, Xbox Live support, and new restart and continue functions.

The two new single-player maps in Tenchu: Return From Darkness will take place in a samurai mansion and at a deserted pagoda. The single-player game will boast enemies with superior intelligence to those in the PS2 game and will also feature new restart and continue options that allow players to either continue when they die or restart a mission retaining any items they collected on their previous attempt.

Six of the game's levels will be available for multiplayer use, both in cooperative missions for two and in deathmatches for a currently unspecified number of players. We'll bring you more information on Tenchu: Return From Darkness, which is currently scheduled for release in March 2004, as soon as it becomes available.

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