Xbox One trolling looks like this

Gamer creates "Xbox Sign Out" gamertag and then gets people to say his name so their sessions are interrupted.


The trolling potential for the Xbox One is coming into focus. Here's one example.

In this YouTube video, user Master of Luck creates a gamertag called "Xbox Sign Out," and prods other players in Call of Duty: Ghosts until they say his name.

When other players say "Xbox, Sign Out," Kinect catches the accidental voice command and their session is interrupted, if only for a brief moment.

You can avoid such an inconvenience by unplugging Kinect or playing with friends online in a private party chat--unless of course your friends are the trolls.

Microsoft announced this week that it sold 3 million Xbox One consoles worldwide in 2013, a full 1.2 million systems behind the 4.2 million PlayStation 4 units Sony moved during the year.

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