Xbox One, PS4 help Amazon post biggest preorder week ever

At peak, Amazon customers were preordering more than 2,500 Xbox One and PS4 consoles per minute.


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The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 helped the Amazon Video Games store post its biggest preorder week ever, the retailer announced today.

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During "peak demand" last week, Amazon customers were ordering more than 2,500 Xbox One and PS4 consoles per minute, the company said.

Amazon also noted that E3 week preorders for the Xbox One and PS4 led to a year-over-year increase in console orders of more than 4,000 percent.

In addition, day-one preorders for the two consoles was almost two times that of all video game sales during Black Friday 2012, Amazon said.

The Xbox One is currently the bestseller on Amazon's game chart, though the PS4 has five SKUs in the top 20, while Microsoft has just one--the Xbox One Day One Edition.

The Xbox One ($500) and PS4 ($400) will launch later this year.

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