Xbox One passes PS4 on Amazon chart

Microsoft's next-gen console grabs the lead back after policy reversal announcement.

The Xbox One has overtaken the PlayStation 4 on Amazon's video game best-seller chart, one day after Microsoft announced a dramatic policy reversal.

The Xbox One was tracking ahead of the PS4 earlier this month, MCV points out, though it fell behind after Sony's E3 announcements of pricing ($400) and policies (plays used game, won't require Internet connection).

Notably, there is only one Xbox One SKU on the Amazon best-seller chart--the Day One Edition. Meanwhile, five separate PS4 bundles grace the preorder chart.

Microsoft yesterday announced new policies that put the Xbox One more on par with the PS4.

The new terms state players are free to trade in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc-based games in the same way that they can today on the Xbox 360. In addition, Microsoft has done away with 24-hour Internet "check-ins" and lifted the Xbox One region lock.

Though Microsoft has backtracked on some of its policies, the company has no plans to revisit the platform's $500 price point.

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