Xbox One headset revealed

New wired headset designed for "long gaming sessions and clear voice chat."



Microsoft has revealed the chat headset for the Xbox One.

The new headset is similar in appearance to the existing product for the Xbox 360. It is wired to the controller and is designed for "long gaming sessions and clear voice chat," Microsoft said.

The mono chat headset sports wideband digital audio and a unidirectional microphone. In addition, players will be able to access mute and volume controls without taking their hands off the controller.

Microsoft has also revealed a new play and charge kit for the Xbox One controller. It packs in a "long-lasting" rechargeable battery that Microsoft said can be juiced up fully in under four hours. Recharging can be done during gameplay or when the Xbox One is in standby mode.

The Xbox One launches this November for $500. Xbox boss Don Mattrick recently spoke out to defend the price point (a full $100 above the PlayStation 4), by saying Microsoft is in fact "over-delivering value" with the new system.



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