Xbox Live Update: New Vegas, Crysis 2, Shift 2 DLC

Microsoft's online store updated with new add-on content for Obsidian's RPG and EA's shooter and racer; Games on Demand hub adds Fable III; Sega Online Rally Arcade zooms to XBLA tomorrow.

It's a bustling week on Xbox Live, as new items landing in the storefront include new content for Fallout: New Vegas, Crysis 2, and Shift 2: Unleashed, as well as the Games on Demand release of Fable III and Sega's rally car game.

Leading the pack this week is the Honest Hearts (800 Microsoft points, or $10) content for Fallout: New Vegas. The action in the content takes place in Utah's Zion National Park and sees gamers leading an expedition that is swamped by a roving tribal war party. Players are then charged with escaping to the Mojave, battling the belligerent nomads in the process.

New Vegas expands today into Zion National Park.

Also out today is new content for sci-fi first-person shooter Crysis 2 in the form of the Retaliation map pack (800 Microsoft points, or $10). The content introduces four new killing spaces to the shooter, which include Park Avenue, Transit, Shipyard, and Compound.

Racing fans looking to add to Slightly Mad's Shift 2: Unleashed can grab Speedhunters (800 Microsoft points, or $10) today. The content adds two new racing branches, 14 fresh vehicles, and six tracks to the racing world. The two new branches for Shift 2 are Drag and Standing Mile. Drag tasks racers with achieving the greatest speed over a quarter-mile stretch, and Standing Mile has gamers in pursuit of the highest speed over the course of an entire mile.

Gamers looking to become a king or queen can pick up Lionhead's role-playing game Fable III ($40) today via the Games on Demand page. The well-reviewed Xbox 360 version's digital version comes in tandem with the release of the PC edition, which was delayed last summer.

Finally, debuting Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade will be Sega Online Rally Arcade (800 Microsoft points, or $10). The title will feature elements that played heavily into Sega Rally Revo and its arcade complement, Sega Rally 3. According to the publisher, gamers will find all of the features found in those two titles, including Championship Battle Mode and Time Attack. The game will also feature online multiplayer races for up to five. Thirteen rally cars will be available to choose from, all rendered with high-definition graphics.

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SEGA Rally Online Arcade

SEGA Rally Online Arcade


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