Xbox Jedi Starfighter

LucasArts' second Starfighter game is coming to the Xbox.


Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Though an official announcement has not been made, GameSpot has confirmed with LucasArts that Jedi Starfighter is indeed coming to the Xbox, though it will not be a special edition like the first Starfighter game for the Xbox. In Jedi Starfighter, players assume the role Adi Gallia, a Jedi pilot from Episode I, and Nym, a character featured in the original Starfighter. Adi must stop a plot that involves the destruction of the Jedi, while Nym must fight to reclaim his home planet from the Trade Federation. The game also includes a new split-screen cooperative mode where two players can go through missions together.

The Xbox version of Jedi Starfighter is scheduled for release in May. The PlayStation 2 version is still on track for a March 11 release.

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