Xbox handheld?

Microsoft could develop a Xbox-compatible handheld, depending on the early sales of its Xbox console


In an interview with San Jose Mercury News, Paul Gross, senior vice president of Microsoft's mobility group, hinted at a handheld companion for the Microsoft Xbox. He felt that Microsoft would invest in developing a compatible handheld device if the Xbox launches successfully and continues to enjoy strong sales into 2002.

"I think over time, as we establish Xbox as a successful gaming device, the concept of a companion gaming device is a very interesting thing,'' Gross said. "We could potentially leverage a lot of what we've done in the richness of a Pocket PC, with an integrated radio, and a form factor dedicated to gaming."

The Xbox console will launch in fall 2001 with a software library of over 20-plus games.



Sorry microsoft but sonys kicken your @$$ with the psp3000


i hope they actually! come out with one i cant wait!